Hot Hamburger Plate

*Spoiler Alert: This is not a healthy dinner.

Ok, now that that’s over, let’s get to the good stuff 🙂

Hot Hamburger Plate

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 This is just a really yummy, sinful, and fun supper. I don’t make it often but when I do it is a BIG hit. Everyone in my house loves this. I never heard of such a thing until I met my hubby and lived for 8 years in his hometown, where this is a local favorite. I even learned how to make it exactly like the gurus did when I worked in one of the most popular diners in town. They had the BEST Hot Hamburger Plate over any other restaurant, hands down!

Like I said, it’s not a healthy meal. In fact, when I serve this I usually just forego the veggies all together. Once in a great while isn’t going  to sabotage all the healthy cooking efforts I bestow on my family. This is usually requested for birthdays (Jadon’s, to be exact. Every year.) and then I may make it one other time during the year, hence the reason I am posting it for you now.

But if you like a good burger and lots of flavor- you will LOVE this!

The key to this meal is to have an excellent brown gravy. I am lucky enough to be able to use the exact gravy mix that was used in said diner, but I have only been able to find it in one place and it’s not where I live. So I have someone pick up a few bags for me from time to time, and they usually last me about a year. If this place ever closes down I don’t know what I’d do!

But any really good gravy will do. Just make sure it’s thick and full of flavor- not watered down or weak at all.

In the case of this gravy mix, I keep it in a plastic bin and scoop out what I need. For about 2 cups of boiling water I will throw in 3 or 4 heaping scoops of gravy mix, then whisk real good to blend. If the gravy is too thick, add a little hot water, while whisking. If it thins out too much, bring back to a boil and possibly add more mix. It’s a science 🙂 But whatever you do make sure you have LOTS of gravy for this meal.

Throw your fries into the oven. These were not as thin as I’d like. The thinner the better because they will hold their crisp longer under all that luscious gravy. You could use a Fry Daddy, but I don’t have one and I feel a little better about baking my fries. I’ve also been known to buy fries from a McDonalds just to rush things along (shh.)

You can use pre-shaped burger patties, you can also use ground turkey. I’ve done it all ways, but I do recommend you try it this way for the first time. There is nothing quite as delicious as a fresh, hand-formed beef patty.

You can see it’s sitting on a slice of toast. This is part of the original recipe and I don’t always add it. I did this time and I was really glad I did- there is just something about this dish when made properly- it’s just really good and perfect comfort food. I use whole wheat bread (the original recipe called for white). Use it or don’t- it’s up to you. But try it at least once the way the dish was intended.

I used my Foreman Grill to cook the patties just because it’s faster and less messy. All the grease drains and catches in one place so my meat isn’t sitting in it. Even if the meat is done before the rest of it, don’t worry, the hot gravy will heat things back up. I also lay my cheese over it and allow the gravy to melt that too, so there’s no need to put the cheese over the meat in the skillet to melt it beforehand.


Everyone in my house likes this a little different. Huby does not take cheese on his. Number One does like cheese, and they both like to pour ketchup over the top (sorry, no pictures of that- probably should have thought of it.) Number Two and I like cheese and no ketchup. Lots of gravy is good enough for us, plus I like to salt and pepper it.

You could also go über cheese and put a slice on each patty plus the fries.

Don’t forget the gravy! LOTS of gravy. Even if you’re not a gravy person. Well….then this may not be the dish for you 😦 but if you do like gravy then don’t go light! Or you could eat like a friend of mine with the gravy on the side and just dip your bites in. (wimp).

This is the ultimate knife and fork burger. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Hot Hamburger Plate

      • Oh gosh – all southern people are supposed to know how to make white gravy, I’m iffy at best but you have to fry the hamburger then pour grease all out and put back in 3 Tablespoons. turn the fire on low and whisk 1 cup milk or water with 2 Tablespoons flour then whisk it into the pan with the grease. stir and stir. if it gets too dry add water or milk 2 Tablespoons at a time. Too runny? add 1/2 Tablespoon of flour at a time. It should be same as your brown gravy in texture. Add salt and Pepper to taste at the end…….It usually turns out pretty good – if you don’t fry the burger, just keep a little of your bacon grease in the fridge till you make gravy – it’s great, just can’t eat it every week! 🙂

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