About Me

I love food. Like good food…not just any food. I will starve before I eat McDonalds and I will make as much of the food here from scratch as possible. I am always looking for healthy new recipes, or a yummy way to healthify an old standard.

A few bit of information about me and why/what I blog:

About 10 years ago I was plagued with migraines. This went on for four years and I took medication for it. Then I realized that it was food additives and preservatives that were the main triggers for these headaches. I was also on the cusp of weighing 200 pounds! Since then I’ve cut out processed and prepackaged foods to make myself and my family healthier.

I don’t eat any pork and very little shell fish, or bottom feeder fish, so it’s unlikely you will ever see a recipe for any of these.

I get a lot of this: “What’s EVOO??” It’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it’s pretty much the only oil I use.

When I bake I use a 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of unbleached all-purpose flour and whole wheat flour. I’d like to eventually get away from whole wheat and try almond flour or some other options. Hopefully that’ll be coming at some point here at The Home Heart.

Nutrition, health, and weight management are important to me. I use 2 lb weights for strength training, do pilates and walk for exercise, which is proof that you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym to lose and manage weight. I injured my back in 2000 and had surgery in 2009, which has always limited me in what I can do in the way of exercise.

I am originally from Seattle, grew up in Chicago, and moved to NC in 1993. I am a Southern-fried city girl at heart. I have two sons, seventeen and twelve, who I’ll occasionaly refer to as Number One and Two. My youngest is my child with SPD/ADHD. It’s an ongoing education and I’ll occasionally blog about it.

I don’t mind personal questions so if you have any concerning L5 back issues, back surgery, weight maintenance, ADHD or anything else that I can possibly help with, please don’t hesitate to ask. You can also email me at thehomeheart@gmail.com

Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just read your blog and thanks! I look forward to reading more, because a lot of what you are writing about is what I am also struggling with.. weight, one with ADHD etc.

    • I hope that it’ll be some help to you. And I have no doubts that you will have some great advice to offer up as well in the ADHD department, which I would love. Make sure you click the FOLLOW button on the right bar of the blog screen and new posts will go directly to your email. Blessings to you and your family!

  2. I just found your blog using the Tag Surfer on WordPress. The first thing I do when I visit a blog is head straight to the About page. I like to know who the person is before reading the posts. I am glad I took the time to read your About page. You and I have a lot in common: A child with special needs, back and weight issues and the desire to make good food changes for our families. My daughter is 3.5 but it doesn’t seem to matter what age group you are in, we all need support and I am at the point I am looking for the support of other mothers out there who share the same struggles.

    Have you ever considered Gluten Free. We recently changed our diet but it wasn’t about weight it was about putting good stuff into our bodies. Plus having a child bordering ADHD (only because they can’t officially diagnose her until the age of 6) gluten has proven to contribute to the issues our children struggle with. I mention why we changed on our blog and reference a good book that help us make our decision.

    Something else we discovered was Functional Neurology. It has help our daughter tremendously. Since adopting our daughter we have done a lot of research and I reference another book on my blog about this topic. No I do earn anything by referring theses books. I just want other parents of special needs children to benefit from the research we have done.

    I hope you will pay us a visit. I look forward to getting to know you and your family more.


    • Thank you for your comments. I am so glad you found me. I will be sure to look at your site soon and I do hope that we can be a support for each other. That is exactly why I started blogging in the first place- to find other mom’s out there like you! We’ll talk soon about your suggestions and I will tell you what I have tried as well. If you click on the large Icon on the top right of the blog it will take you to my Facebook page. If you are FB we can message each other there 🙂

  3. Hey, on a personal note. How did you create your button. I have been wanting to create a button for our blog and have no clue how to do it.


  4. Hi, I have just tagged you. I wish you can join in. Here, you set the rules, answer some questions and pass on. I know you are very busy, but to have you joining in will be great. Please check out my latest post for more information. Meanwhile, have a great weekend and God Bless.

  5. Hi there! So glad you dropped by my place to see how to participate in a linky party! My daughter and son-in-law did the video. I love that pimento cheese recipe but for some reason could not comment! My Top Girl (daughter) has ADHD like your Number Two. She also has dysgraphia. She is 31-years-old today and has a Master’s Degree from a major University, a successful marriage, a 4 month old son, and a rewarding career as a governmnt policy expert and adult trainer who specializes in different learning styles. Several years ago she and I were asked to speak at different support groups around our area for parents of children with learning and sensory disabilities. We loved it! So, I said all that to remind you in your most frazzled moments that it will all be worth it one day – I promise!

    • Thank you so much! I have grand dreams of starting a foundation someday that will allow me to help educate schools and their employees regarding ADHD and the increasing number of diagnosed students that they must be able to teach. It sounds as if your daughter is doing wonderful and that gives moms like me much hope. It is great to meet you and I hope we can link up often 🙂

  6. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and liking the about section. I hope you stop by sometime and try out some of the recipes. Please let me know how they turn out. Thanks again for stopping by.

  7. My husband of 47 years was just diagnosed with high blood sugar and high cholesterol so I had to change my way of shopping and cooking–so thankful for the Fish cakes recipe as I am trying to get him to eat more fish.

    • Good luck. It seems overwhelming at first but will eventually be second nature.You will both reap the benefits from a healthier eating life style. Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings!

  8. I’m with you about allergic to food additive! It comes in many different forms. I had rash from eating non organic meat before because I was allergic to antibiotic the fed to the animals. I had extreme headache from too much MSG. I had constipation from Xantan gum, stabilizer they put in foods. I think you are doing well with $400 groceries budget but if you ever consider increasing, go for organic meat. Trader Joe’s has some. I’m watching my intake but never go vegan or gluten free, the package told me that they have other additives to make them “gluten free” and I don’t think gluten has anything to do with it, it is another commercial campaign. Human has been eating wheat for thousand of years why we only allergic in this generation? I think it’s more additives that we don’t even now in the process of mass producing of foods, chemical fertilizer, pesticide more than the gluten itself!

    Anyhow, if you are interesting in Thai food recipe, PadThai, curries, Pad See Ew, Tom Yum Goong, mango with sticky rice and etc., come visit my blog.

    • Thanks so much, I will definitely stop by- I love Pad Thai! I agree with you about the allergens and junk in food. I tried going GF and it didn’t seem to make any difference. I love Trader Joe’s and usually buy fish there, I will have to look at the meat again 🙂

  9. Hi love your blog and recipes, I have a child with ASD and a husband with digestive problems so I look for healthy recipes, will do your muffins for my bushwalking holiday. You seem to be blessed with a lovely family so am I. By the way I live on the other side of the world australia keep up your blog.
    Cheers and MERRY CHRISTMAS. 🎄🎅

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