Show Your Appreciation

National Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up SOON: May 7th – 11th to be exact. All over the country parents, administrators, students, and community alike, gift and give to extend their appreciation.

I’ve been on the PTA board of Jadon’s school for four years now and am sure I would never have otherwise known when Bus Driver Appreciation Day or Teacher Appreciation Day/Week was. But can I just say- they LOVE it when someone says “Thank You”. Sometimes that’s all they need. Everyone likes to be appreciated and told as much. Your kids’ teachers do SO MUCH for their students. Imagine the outpouring of thanks and appreciation if every parent just acknowledged this one simple day?

Your school board, principals, and PTA are not the only ones who are allowed to show their appreciation. There are so many great and awesome ideas available  for you. This post will serve as a resource with ideas and links. You still have some time to put something together for your child(ren)’s teachers.

Over at Jamie Cooks It Up! There are some great printables available to make your own paper goodie bags. So cute and easy!

This link to Google Images can lead you to hundreds of sites that offer gift ideas, printables, cards, poems, fun reception foods, and other ways to say “Thank you!”

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”
Robert M. Hutchins

Check out this link for more great quotes.

Make sure you check out Skip To My Lou for a ton of great craft and gift ideas. This blog is the jackpot!








Truly, just these few links could give you everything you need, though there are so many others out there in virtual land. At the risk of repeating any of them, I will say from my own experience as an appreciative parent and member of PTA, there are some tokens of appreciation that are always a hit.

1. Gift Cards. Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation via cash or in the form of a gift certificate. Teachers spend a lot of their own money on their students, be it classroom supplies, decorations, prizes, stickers, etc. So cash isn’t taboo by any means, but they love gift certificates just as much. Staples and Walmart are the favorites, but don’t feel limited to just those. What about a gift certificate to a restaurant or a grocery store? Bottom line: if you would be happy receiving it, be happy giving it.

2. Goodies. The ultimate treat would be something that you know is their favorite sweet. But any treats will do (though allergies may be a concern in some cases) so bake up a batch of your famous brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Put together a fun goodie bag with different candies or a yummy trail mix. Food makes people happy and sugar makes them even happier 🙂

3. Token gifts. This can be anything so don’t feel limited. Teachers love the little things; jump drives, a ream of paper, incentive stickers, coffee mugs, water bottles, tote bags, dry erase markers, dry erase spray cleaner (that’s a big one!), post-its and sticky tabs, lanyards, lunch coolers.

*Jadon had a teacher once who was a great coffee lover. We gifted this teacher with a coffee mug and some sample coffees. He loved it. So if you can, find out what your teacher’s soft spots are and reward them that way. Maybe they don’t like sugar as much as they like salt. Maybe their weakness is old Three Stooges movies. Find a DVD and make them feel extra special.

4. Cards. It doesn’t have to cost you anything. You’d be surprised how rare it is for a teacher to get a personal note (or even a verbal thank you) of appreciation from their students’ parents. Better yet, get your child involved in the card/letter writing process.

5. Homemade crafts. True this could mean all sorts of things, including the aforementioned treats and cards. But don’t forget the option of your child’s artwork (made especially for his/her teacher) or a cute picture frame or cute desk-top novelty.  Check out Tip Junkie’s blog for 30 GREAT homemade gift ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week.

{ ^ Sample. Obviously}

What do you know about your child’s teacher?

Does he/she wear glasses? How about a fashionable case or beaded chain or lanyard.

Does he/she have a hobby or interest? Find a novelty that showcases that.

Do they collect anything? Contribute items to their collection or buy a shadow box. *I knew a teacher once who collected Raggidy Ann and Andy dolls (back when they were easier to find- which was helpful). But she absolutely LOVED the addition.

Do they have a dog? Buy a novelty item portraying their breed.

As you can see, the idea is to show appreciation, so if it’s not personal at least make it a useful gift or clear that you put some thought into it. What I mean is, don’t give a gift just for the sake of giving a gift; don’t give a candle. You know what I mean? Unless it’s an AWESOME candle. Their favorite candle ever. Otherwise….no.

So there you have it. I have given you many links and lots of homework should you choose to look 🙂 And please, don’t forget to show your appreciation. They will truly appreciate it!

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