Breakfast Pizza

Whew! Another Christmas Day come and gone. As much as I love this time of year I am always glad when the anticipation has past for the kids. For many this means the end of the Christmas season. For others it is at New Years. But still for others this is only another phase. The 12 Days of Christmas started only yesterday and will continue until January 6th.

Either way I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day with loved ones.

That’s what I call a successful Christmas. Two boys wiped out 🙂

Now on to the best part of this post…. Breakfast Pizza!

This is very yummy and easy to make and I like to make it when I have guests because it will feed many people. In fact, I don’t normally make this just for the 4 of us because it’s too much food, but it’s special enough for Christmas morning.

There is no recipe with measurements. The ingredients are:

1 cast iron skillet – 12 inches

Hash brown potato strings (I buy a 2.5 lb. bag from Schwans and use a little more than half)

18 eggs (a smaller pan could use only a dozen)

shredded cheddar cheese (usually a whole 2 cup bag)

Turkey Bacon (it’s a matter of taste what meat you use and how much. I used about 18 slices)

I find it easier to cook a lot of bacon at once using a pan and the oven at 350*

Heat up the pan with some oil and spread out the potatoes. Let them cook down and flip them occasionally so they don’t burn. You’re creating a crust-like layer of the pizza, but don’t worry if the potatoes are clumping. It will all come together eventually. The potatoes don’t even have to be perfectly cooked and browned. Turn off your burner and make sure the oven is preheated to 350*. Layer in the meat and cheese. I usually take the turkey bacon and crumble it up. You don’t want full pieces so whatever meat you use make sure it’s been cut or crumbled. Then I whisk the eggs with some milk for that fluffiness, add a little salt and pepper, and pour it over the whole thing. Place the skillet in the oven for about 25 minutes or until the eggs are set. I cover it with foil until the end and then allow a few extra minutes for the top to brown. Allow the pan to sit for a few minutes before cutting into the pizza. You can also easily add tomatoes or any other veggies you’d like. I’m the only one in this house that would like that stuff so I just leave it out.

As I do with most recipes I come across, I play with them to make them my own and do what works for me. So if you don’t have a cast iron skillet you could probably brown the potatoes and then transfer them into an oven safe dish before layering on the rest of the ingredients. It’s such an easy recipe that it really can’t go wrong, and the egg really holds it all together, so you may end up with more of a casserole cut into squares (or you could use a pie dish and still have “slices”). Also, I don’t have a reference for this recipe because I pretty much came up with it on my own, though I don’t claim to be the only person who’s ever thought of it, so no stealing of ideas was intended.

I hope you enjoy this yummy breakfast as much as we do!

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