20 Recipes for Summer

Summer is here! Okay, well maybe not “officially” but I think all the moms out there can agree that summer starts when school lets out. Now that it’s hotter outside and the days are longer we want to avoid turning on the oven as much as possible and either grill or eat light, refreshing meals.  I don’t know about you but my kitchen gets really hot when I use the oven so I will definitely be planning any baking for very early in the day and relying more on the grill and other summertime fare.

Here is a roundup of 20 recipes that are summer worthy from appetizers to desserts, and not a one requires an oven.

summer recipes

Appetizers: Bruschetta, Cherry Caprese


cherry caprese

Salads: Deviled Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cheeseburger Salad, Chopped Thai Chicken Salad, Chili Lime Chicken Salad, Greek Chicken Salad with Grapes & Pecans



cheeseburger salad

thai salad

fiesta salad


On the Grill: Grilled Balsamic Chicken, Bourbon BBQ Sliders with Garlic Aioli, Honey-Lime Chicken Kabobs

pesto beans, balsamic chicken, watermelon dessedrt 003

bourbon sliders2


In the Crock Pot: Honey Sesame Chicken, Sweet Chicken Rio, Cashew Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki

honey sesame chix




Cool Desserts: Chocolate Banana Pudding Pie, Mud Pie, Watermelon Petit Fours, Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ribbon Dessert, Easy Eclair Dessert

banana pie





Marvelous Mondays, Melt in Your Mouth Mondays,

Watermelon Petit Fours

Dessert nights have come and gone in this house several times with nothing on the table. The boys are used to having me create something weekly for the blog or having ice cream in the freezer. Needless to say I have done neither in a while.

Well, I was able to come up with this little gem. And why not? I had an entire watermelon and thought, “Now, what can I do with this watermelon to make a dessert?”

What, you’ve never done that?

Try it. It was extremely tasty.

Watermelon Petit Fours

Cubed watermelon*

Cream Cheese frosting

Shaved chocolate

I’m pretty sure I don’t have to explain how to assemble these, though I would say that seedless watermelon is a no-brainer even though my watermelon was not seedless. *Here I made my cubes about 1 inch squared but you could make them 2 or 3 inch cubes if you’d like. There are also endless possibilities for dressing up these little confections, not the least of which would be candied nuts, dried fruits, sugar sprinkles- colored or regular, candies or colored sprinkles, cinnamon, candied ginger, mint, basil….oh the list is endless!

Have fun concocting your own watermelon petit fours and enjoy!!