Patron Punch

First thing I need to say is that this is not my recipe. I don’t know where it originally came from, but after a brief googling session I realized that it is a more commonly known drink than I had thought.

I first had this drink on the island with my girlfriends and we loved it. So one evening after a grueling 20 minutes of deciding what we were drinking that night, we decided to call our bartender friend (who turned us on to this delish cocktail) and asked her for the recipe. You can find variations of the recipe all over the internet, so by all means play with the ingredients as you like and see what works best for you.

Now, it is called Patron Punch but let’s be honest, Patron costs near a weekend rental in the Bahamas (ok, so I exaggerate) and while the drink is at its prime if you use Patron, I promise a lesser tequila such as Quervo will still be tasty indeed.

patron punch

Patron Punch

2 oz. tequila

1/2 oz. citron

1 oz. cranberry juice

splash of Roses sweet lime juice

pineapple juice

In a shaker put ice and measure out your ingredients. The pineapple juice is the filler so for two servings, which this recipe is, I’d venture approximately 10 oz. of pineapple juice. I say this because some people like a juicier drink while others want to really taste the alcohol. I’m a big fan of putting some of the filler into the shaker with the ice and then adding more as needed once you get the drink poured into a glass. Make sure you have ice in your glass as well and strain the drink from the ice in the shaker.

Garnish with citrus rind(s) and fake cherries on a plastic sword 🙂

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