Kohlrobi & Apple Slaw

The Home Heart

Go back and see what I did with all those Leafy Greens 🙂

I had never heard of kohlrobi (misspelled in previous posts) before the other day when I received two, one white and one purple, in my veggie box.  I Googled this vegetable to see what I could find out about it and found that it is a German turnip that can be eaten raw or cooked.

 In my search for a good recipe I came across this slaw. After I peeled and cut the kohlrobi I decided to taste it to see what I was working with. Being a cabbage lover already this kohlrobi was definitely going to work for me. I love raw cabbage. While I do occasionally like it cooked, I prefer to eat it raw. And not in slaws either, but shredded and mixed with lettuce in a salad, or just in wedges all by itself. Am I weird?

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