Easy Sopapillas

What’s quick, easy, tasty, and variably low in calories (if you overlook the fact that it’s deep fried?). Why, sopapilla, of course. And not the definitely calorie-laden puff pastry type, but the kind you fry up quickly using corn tortillas and a splash of cinnamon sugar. Serve this with a little chocolate syrup or honey and a dab of homemade whipped cream.



corn tortillas, 6 inch or smaller

vegetable oil

cinnamon sugar

chocolate syrup


whipped cream

eggroll & sopapia 009

Cut the tortillas into fourths, making triangles. Make sure the oil is very hot and at least 1 inch deep.

Put the tortillas in, a few at a time. Keep them separated so they don’t stick together, and flip them over so they cook evenly. Once they start to brown they will begin to over-cook quickly. Pull them out when they are still a nice golden color and let drain on paper towels.

Sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar while still warm. Arrange on a plate and serve with sauce and cream.



This recipe was featured at

Simple Living and Eating: Foodie Friday, 3/1/2013!

Check it out 🙂


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