Tuna Steaks with Lima Bean Butter

I’ve been waiting quite some time to share this recipe with you. The pan-seared tuna steaks are awesome, but the real star here is the lima bean butter. A bit heavy on the calorie side, but well worth it when paired with an otherwise very healthy meal of fish and steamed veggies.

I bought the tuna steaks from Trader Joe’s, and if you’ve never purchased their frozen fish before then I suggest you give it a try. Their pieces are usually about 1-inch thick, large portions, and extremely well priced. One package with two large pieces was enough to feed my family of four. Plus let’s not forget the great quality.


Tuna with Lima Bean Butter

Tuna Steaks*

salt & pepper


1 cup lima beans

1 cup butter

1 handful fresh parsley

1-2 garlic cloves, minced


*The tuna steaks should be about 1-inch thick. Make sure each piece weighs at least 6 oz. This is a standard serving size for each person. You can customize your pieces from here.

Heat EVOO in a skillet over medium-high heat. Salt and pepper both sides and place into hot skillet. Sear for about 4 minutes before turning over. You will actually be able to see the heat climbing up the side of the fish. Turn only once.

A properly seared piece of fish will be slightly browned on the outside and have  a  layer of pink in the middle. It should be tender and easy to cut and chew.

For the butter: cook your lima beans in water or broth. When done, place into a food processor along with the butter (you may need to melt it first but do not add it in very hot) garlic, and parsley. Blend until well combined. Butter will be thick.

Serve over fish.


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