Crock Pot Hot Chocolate Pudding

More than two weeks since Christmas and I am finally able to post this! Don’t be fooled though- this is a dessert sure to warm you up all winter long 🙂

Want something a little different for your holiday dessert table that still feels traditional? This Hot Chocolate Pudding is just the ticket. And it’s so easy to make because the crock pot does all the work for you.


Hot Chocolate Pudding

6 eggs, room temperature

4 cups heavy cream, room temperature

1/8 tsp salt

1 lb. semi sweet chocolate chips

1/4 cup marshmallow *fluff

In a medium slow cooker, whisk together the eggs, cream, and salt. Add the chocolate chips, cover and set to high for 30 minutes. Whisk until smooth.

Continue to cook on low heat for another 30 minutes. Scrape down the sides of the cooker; whisk the pudding again.

Cook until set at the edges but loose in the center; about an hour longer, give or take. Whisk until smooth again, and hold on warm setting if your crock pot has one. If not, you can turn the cooker off.

Spoon into mugs or bowls. Add a dollop of marshmallow fluff or simply place a marshmallow on top. Garnish with grated chocolate.

Pudding, Carrot & Potato Mash 002

*If you don’t have any marshmallow fluff around, and don’t want to buy a whole jar just for this recipe there is a cheat you can use to make fluff from whole marshmallows:

1 cup of mini marshmallows (or 10 large) to 1 tsp of corn syrup is the ratio. This would be enough for this recipe. Or 4 cups of mini-marshmallows (or 40 large marshmallows) and 4 tsp of corn syrup, which is equal to a 7 oz jar.

Melt in microwave or over double boiler.






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