Product Review: aka the most awesome Bloody Mary Mix EVER!

Okay, so I am slightly lame and didn’t really have a post lined up for today. After spending the weekend with my favorite girls back on the island for a little ME time, I came home Monday night with the full intention of getting into the kitchen for the next few days. Well, you can see how that’s worked out…. Plus Number One stayed home sick for a few days and I wanted him to feel comfortable. You know, so I had to lounge around with him. I mean, I HAD TO.


Photo property of McClure’s

So what’s the review, you ask? Well, if you like Bloody Mary’s and you haven’t heard of McClures then you are really missing out. I mean REALLY. This stuff is so great that a few of my girlfriends buy it by the case and then split it up between them. Since I’m not on the island anymore I had to find out where I could just go and buy it (which I did, thank you very much) for myself. If you decide to try it you can find it in most Fresh Market stores, as well as Southern Season. However, the site does list retailers by state and in any event you can always order a case from them directly. Just click here and it will take you straight to the McClure’s Pickles website.

Man, oh man, are you gonna love this stuff!



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