Pesto Panko Tilapia

This was definitely an experiment. I don’t mind so much when the dish turns out good, which thankfully it did. But I will say that because tilapia is difficult to fry anyway, I would recommend *baking this dish instead of frying. Also, you could use any fish, even salmon, but if you’re going for a white fish other than tilapia, try halibut.

Pesto Panko Tilapia

4 fish fillets

1/4 prepared pesto

1 cup panko

1/4 EVOO

1. Wash and dry fillets

2. Coat fish with pesto

3. Coat pesto-covered fish in panko

4. Carefully place in hot oil and allow to cook through, turning once.

5. Drain on paper towel before serving

*Bake at 350* – about 7 minutes per inch of fish until done. For a thin fillet like tilapia this would only take about 10 or 15 minutes.

The picture doesn’t do the flavor justice. If you like pesto then this is definitely a new and tasty way to make fish. I wasn’t disappointed with the overall taste- just the presentation. But once again, I am sure that baking the fish would yield much better results aesthetically 🙂


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