Pesto Parmesan Green Beans

You will probably think that this does not qualify as a real recipe post and I am inclined to agree with you. However, ever since I stopped buying and feeding my family canned foods, it hasn’t been as easy to get Number Two to eat his vegetables. This is just a little blurb on what I did recently to jazz up some green beans. He kinda liked it. I loved it 🙂

Back in the old days I’d open a can of green beans, or peas, or what have you, pour the contents into a pot and heat it up with some chicken bullion. Sounds salty, right? It is tasty, I will admit, but very bad for you and completely sans of any nutrients at all.

Now I cook fresh or frozen veggies only. My favorite way to cook fresh is by tossing them in EVOO and salt and pepper and then roasting said veggies under 400* until done to my desire. I especially love asparagus this way, but green beans are awesome, too.

Frozen veggies go into a pot of chicken broth. Very simple. But the green beans I made this way came in a microwave steam pack and so I had to come up with a way to season them post cooking.

So, I looked into my fridge and I saw the always handy Parmesan cheese. But then I also saw the pesto 🙂

I love pesto. This particular pesto is homemade and delicious and wonderful, but unfortunately it was not made in my home or by my hands. BTW I am working on getting and sharing that recipe with you. But have you ever tried pesto on a veggie? It’s not just for pasta, you know. In fact, the first time I really started to step outside of the pesto box was only a few months ago when I was at a fundraiser dinner and pesto was served veggie-dip style as an appetizer. So it really didn’t seem all that crazy to me to stir some in with the green beans and top with Parmesan.

If you’re looking for a new way to serve the same old things, try this, it was super yummy!

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