Super Sweet Blogging Award

Everyday that I get a like or a comment on my blog is a blessing because it means that people are reading and that they like what they are reading. That means a lot to me. True, I started blogging for me, as an outlet to write, but I love knowing that there are readers out there who actually like what I post 🙂 Some days you get a blogger award and that just makes the blogging world even better.

Recently I received the Super Sweet Blogging Award from a wonderful fellow blogger in Christ, forhisgloryandpraise. When you have a moment please check out her great blog. It is full of inspiration, devotionals, health tidbits, crafts, and cooking. Everything you could possibly want in one blog!

So without further ado….The Super Sweet Blogging Award:

The Super Sweet Blogging Award.  This award goes to those bloggers who give the sweetest comments, or have the sweetest blog.

     a.  Cookies or Cake?    That’s a toughie, I love both. It depends on whether or not it’s a peanut butter cookie vs. caramel cake.

     b.  Chocolate or Vanilla?  CHOCOLATE! definitely.

     c.   What is your favorite sweet treat?  My favorite is Tiramisu though I don’t get it very often.

     d.   When do you crave sweet things the most?  When I’m trying to behave the most!

     e.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Chocolate Kisses

The rules are…

  1. Say something sweet about the blogger who nominated you, thank them and then link to their blog.
  2. Answer the above questions.
  3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” (13) other bloggers for the award and notify them of their nomination.

My Baker’s Dozen are:

1. Clever Muffin

2. The Better Baker

3. Jamie Cooks it Up!

4. Recipes Happen

5. Hobby Kitchenist

6. A Modern Christian Woman

7. Sumptuous Spoonfuls

8. The Kitchen Prescription

9. The Nourishing Home

10. Domestic Diva, MD

11. Tinkerbelle @ Laughter is Catching

12. Have a Dream

13. Frugal Feeding

Congratulations to the winners, may you carry on the great tradition of inspiring and encouraging others 🙂

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