Chicago, BFF’s, and Turkey Bacon Potato Skins

So, I am in Chicago this week for my annual momcation, spending time with my oldest and bestest friends, and it reminded me of one of my first posts I did last October. In true Chicago-vacation style, I went to Firkin with my BFF’s Diana and Nicole for dinner on my first night in town, and so I felt it was only appropriate to share this repost from the archives with you.

You can click the title link to see the original post 🙂

Turkey Bacon Potato Skins

To make these I just threw ingredients together, it wasn’t very difficult.

I used 5 small brown potatoes and baked them until done. Then I cut them crosswise in half and scooped out about half of the pulp.

I heated some EVOO and briefly fried both sides for that restaurant taste (but this part is not necessary and I will not likely do it every time).

I cooked 4 sliced of turkey bacon, crumbled them up and divided them between the 10 potato halves.

I cut up one stem from a green onion for a little bit of color and extra flavor.

And then I loaded and layered shredded sharp cheddar, bacon, chives, and more cheese, and then popped it back into the oven until the cheese was melted.

Add a dollop of sour cream and enjoy!


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