BPA Free Toothbrushes

Picture courtesy of Preserve

Ya’ll know by now that one of my biggest issues in health and safety are BPA’s. I have already converted my pantry by using BPA-free storage containers, {click here for more} by only buying certain products in glass instead of plastic, or just making things from scratch that are generally only available in what I am sure is a BPA-laden plastic container. For example, frosting is forever off-limits in their pre-made-off-the-shelf convenience, and I only use made from scratch recipes.

Another item I’ve been doing without is Enchilada Sauce. I love Mexican food and prepare it at least once a week. This has been hard for me, I will admit. I know there are some great made-from-scratch recipes out there, but alas, I have yet to try any of them. Then, oh joy! I found some in a glass bottle at Trader Joe’s. Seriously, I think it just may be the greatest store ever!

There are still so many things in my home to convert, not the least of which are our toothbrushes. Have you ever considered the dangers of using recycled, BPA infested toothbrushes? It goes into your mouth twice a day, so how can it not be just as dangerous, if not more so, than eating food stored in said plastic?

I went on a quest and found that I am not by far the first person with this concern. Though I will say that the search was a bit disappointing. There are so many BPA-free toothbrush options for babies and toddlers. Do not older kids and adults have to worry about these toxins and chemicals as well? Why yes, yes we do. And I did find some, thankfully, even if the selection gets a little skimpy for post-toddlers.

My top pick is Preserve, which are made from recycled yogurt cups, BPA Free, and come in a variety of colors. You can also order them in 5-packs available from the website, Amazon, Ebay, as well as other sites. This company also offers great kitchen and table-wares. If you are interested in going BPA free then the extra cost is worth it. Search for the best deals, though. I found a 5-pack of toothbrushes on Ebay for $17, which is still more than buying them separately from the main site at $2.99 each.

Ok, now for something yummy! Click here for my next post today: Parmesan Tomatoes!


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