Strawberry-Peach Pancakes

If you missed my first post today, click here for my Strawberry-Peach Jam post!

One of my favorite breakfast treats is lingonberry jam with pancakes. These two together are awesome and requires nothing else in the way of butter or pancake syrup. When I made my Strawberry-Peach Jam I knew right away that I wanted to put it on some fluffy, whole wheat pancakes. But then I went one step further and added some of the jam mixture to the pancake batter. Yes, yes, it was great, I must say 🙂

This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but I was too hungry to bother with perfect photography. Basically I made a batch of pancake batter using Trader Joe’s batter mix, according to package directions, and adding about 1/3 cup jam. Since I was experimenting I didn’t know how much would be too much, but next time I would probably add a little more and just less of the water called for in the mix. It gave the pancake a slight color and fruity taste. Wonderful. As you can see I added more jam on top 🙂

And the best part? Number Two didn’t even realize and ate a serving of fiber and vitamin C in his pancakes, too! (Well, okay, I don’t know if it was a whole serving, but definitely more than he would have gotten otherwise.}

Serve with beef or turkey sausage or turkey bacon, strawberry-peach jam, and additional fresh fruit.


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