Healthy Eating vs. Cost

Have you seen this before? To some of us it is common sense, while to others it makes no sense! I am always amazed at how much people will spend in the name of convenience. Little do they seem to realize that fast foods are costing them a lot more than just a few bucks here and there. It is costing them their health.

Picture courtesy of Full Circle

The other day hubby took Number Two to McDonald’s for a quick meal (notice Hubby didn’t eat anything). When I got home and saw the bag, I said “Eww.” It wouldn’t have been Number Two’s first choice either but he didn’t seem to mind as he was eating it. If I was starving I suppose I could eat a McDonald’s burger. However, I would have gone a little bit further out of my way to feed my child anything other than McDonald’s.

If you eat McDonald’s that’s okay with me. I personally don’t like it and generally just don’t do a lot of fast food anyway, McDonald’s or otherwise, though that would be my very last choice for fast food. But as you can see from the picture above, convenience isn’t always convenient. Maybe you don’t have the time to cook a meal. I understand that because there are always those frenzied days between work, school, kids, soccer practice, etc. when you just have no idea what to cook for dinner. But if you’re going to run out for something quick, why not grab a rotiserrie chicken from the grocery deli instead? Add a bagged salad and an Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice and you’ve got a meal.

I love this stuff for a quick side. I’ll make two packages for my family of four, which usually leaves us some left over. There are lots of flavors, but the best part is there are no msg’s or other crappy ingredients, though there is a little hydrolyzed oil, I admit.

See how easy it is to throw together a meal that doesn’t come from a fast food restaurant? And imagine how much you saved. A chicken from the deli costs maybe $7.00, a bag of salad about $2.75, and two packages of rice for under $5.00. You’re looking at around $15.00 to feed a family of four or five, instead of $30.00 for fast food. Sounds like a much better deal to me 🙂


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