Cheeseburger Salad

I mentioned awhile back on Facebook that I made a Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger Salad. I made it again the other night because it is oh so good, and also to provide the recipe in this post for you. You’re welcome 😉

Seriously, this is good. Never heard of it? Me either, until my mother made it for my hubby and he raved about it again and again. So I called her and asked what in the world is a Cheeseburger Salad?!

It’s quite simple actually, and in true Home Heart style I have no measurements for you. But the ingredients are as follows:

(Bacon) Cheeseburger Salad

1 lb. ground meat

bacon, if desired (I used turkey bacon)

1 head lettuce



dill pickles (or relish)

onion, chopped

tomato, chopped

cheddar cheese (or cheese of choice)

*If feeding more than four people I would add another pound of ground meat. You can use any ground meat you like, though beef will give you a more authentic burger flavor. This time I used ground chicken because it was what I had. I also particularly like ground chicken and turkey over beef because that extra step of draining the fat can be especially annoying.

Mix ketchup and mayonnaise together. Ideally this would be equal parts, say 1/2 cup each for 3 to 4 salads. I don’t like mayo so much so I used only 2 T with about a 1/4 cup ketchup. This made enough dressing for me and hubby. Since One is visiting his cousin I only had to make enough dressing for Number Two’s salad (sans the additional ingredients yet to be listed) and so I mixed together a 50/50 of the two- about 2 or 3 T each.

Into this mixture you will stir in chopped onion, tomato, and pickles (basically the items you’d put on a burger). For only 2 salads I used 1 medium tomato, 3 baby dills, and 1/4 onion. You can see here how you’d adjust the quantities for a larger serving. (At this point you could toss the dressing with the salad if you want.)

Brown the meat, drain if needed, melt in cheese. I used shredded cheddar, but of course you can use any cheese you like. The processed kind melt beautifully, but the real stuff works just as well. I also crisped a sheet of turkey bacon, cut it up and added it to the meat and cheese.

Plate your greens (for 3 salads I used a whole head of green leaf lettuce), add the meat and cheese mixture, then top off with desired amount of dressing. Viola! A healthy version of the cheeseburger, salad style! It is filling and much nicer to your waistline than those burger buns.

Enjoy! I promise you will love this 🙂

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