Taking A Break

As you may have noticed by the lack of Home Heart posts in your inbox, I’m taking a break from posting. It’s not that I wanted to, it’s just that things are so hectic right now with getting ready for the move in 2 weeks, not to mention we had a bit of internet problems the last few days, which I am still experiencing from time to time.

Next week hubby and I are off to Annual Conference with the Church. This will be a few relaxing days for me in a fabulous hotel while he goes to conference and listens to boring church politics and bylaws and discipline and whatnot. I used to enjoy going (if you can believe it) but these days I like not cooking, not having to make the bed, not having to do anything but sit in a hot tub and go shopping 🙂 Sounds like a plan, yes? And since the boys still have a week of school (Stupid Hurricane Irene), hubby’s mom will come to stay with them for the days we are gone.

As soon as we get back, it’s one week and counting to finish up packing and load up the U-Haul. Fun, fun, fun.

We move on the 24th and I expect it will take a few days to get back into the groove of things, so there’s no telling when I’ll be posting again on a regular basis other than these rather pointless, I’m-just-so-tired-of-packing-and-a-bit-bored posts I may write from time to time.

So, don’t forget about me- I promise I’ll be back soon!

Have a very blessed day!



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