Tilapia Fabuloso

Remember the post Super Low Cal, Very Tasty where I shared an awesome homemade salsa recipe with you? Well, this is one of the things I use it with and let me just say that if you’re in to eating healthy and low fat and low cal, you are really going to like this.

This dish is so easy it’s silly. There isn’t even a recipe.

I’ve been on a pretty strict diet for the past few weeks, eating no carbs or sugar or fat. Sounds delish, right?……No? Well, it does leave a person with some serious cravings for pizza {ahem} but still can be very satisfying and rewarding. Case in point, when I need a quick, healthy meal, this is perfect!

1 Tilapia fillet, or one fillet per person

1 tsp. EVOO (per fillet)

salt & pepper or seasonings of your choice (I use a Lime Pepper mix)

Heat skillet on high for just a minute. Tilapia falls apart easily when cooked. A hot pan will help sear it so that you can easily flip it and serve it all in one piece. Put some EVOO in the pan and turn it a few times.

Place your fish in the hot pan. It will immediately start to sizzle and pop. Sprinkle your seasoning of choice on the exposed side, then flip the fillet over and sprinkle the other side. Allow to cook for about 3 or 4 minutes. Tilapia cooks very quickly. Turn it over and finish cooking the original side.

That’s it! And you can serve it with anything. I generally scoop a generous portion of the salsa onto the plate and eat it with the fish, along with a bare salad or some oven-roasted veggies.


One thought on “Tilapia Fabuloso

  1. Followed that recipe this past week with company and it was so quick and easy… had plenty of time to spend with company… and delish!!

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