Amazing Health Tips

Did you know that green tea boosts your metabolism?

It also curbs appetite 🙂

I am so intrigued by health and nutrition.  I don’t claim to be a know-it-all by any means, but I’ve been studying some pretty smart people in the field and have been awed by the knowledge I’ve been able to glean.

In this day and age of over-procesed foods, it’s hard to know how to get back to the basics. Honestly, I think I’d love to go back in time to even the 50’s where food was simpler and healthier. Before the age of the convenience food.

I grew up in the 70’s. I actually watched as processed and convenience foods became more and more available. Looking back now, I can’t recall how this boom occurred. It’ s as if the grocery store isles have exploded with products that are full of chemicals and preservatives, with ingredient lists as long as my arm and with words I can’t pronounce. When did this happen, for sure? Probably while I was in my teens and early 20’s, definitely a time when I was too busy with “me” to notice the health destruction going on around me.

I am as much to blame for falling into the convenience trap. Health wasn’t an issue in those early days, although I was not healthy by any means, and neither was weight. At a skinny size six I could eat whatever I wanted. It wasn’t until my child-rearing days that my body said, “Time to move some things to the front!” And boy, did it ever! It took me several more years to realize that weight and health go hand in hand, among other things.

Number Two is soon to be eleven. Just after he was born I started getting horrible migraines and proceeded to use prescription medication for four years. I was also at my heaviest, 198 pounds. Add that to my horrible L5 back problems and I was a mess. Let’s just say I got sick and tired of it all! It took me a long time to realize that foods were the major causing factor to my migraines, specifically partially hydrogenated oils and MSG’s. I was lucky that my body told me in such a definite way that eating this stuff is BAD. It’s bad for you, too, even if you don’t feel it. It’s still doing harm to your health.

So here are just a few tips and bits of information I’ve learned over the years. As you can see, I can go on and on, so there will be more posts on the subject to come. This post is based on an article I got from and it explains the best food combinations and why. I’ll let you check out the link for yourself, but here is the list in a nutshell.

1. Tomatoes and Avocado (cancer fighting properties, etc.)

2. Oatmeal and Orange juice

3. Broccoli and Tomatoes (prevents prostate cancer, as well as shrinks other types of tumors)

4. Blueberries and Grapes

5. Apples (specifically Red Delicious) and Chocolate YES!

6. Lemon and Kale (increases muscle strength and immunity. I’m all over this one!)

7. Soy and Salmon (edamamne and tofu, not soy dairy or soy sauce)

8. Peanuts {peanut butter} and Whole Wheat (the two together provide a complete chain of amino acids that you would not get in one meal otherwise)

9. Red Meat and Rosemary (the rosemary combats the cancer-causing heterocyclic amines {HCA’s} in carcinogens from grilling meat)

10. Tumeric and Black Pepper

11. Garlic and Fish

12. Eggs and Cantaloupe

13. Almonds and Yogurt (many essential vitamins are activated and absorbed when eaten with fat. The same goes with salads, so you can skip that fat-free vinegar and oil and have a little ranch. It’ll actually help your body absorb the nutrients from the fresh vegetables better)

*Speaking of the 50’s….did you know that the original Betty Crocker cookbook is still the best-selling cookbook? Do you know why it’s still the best cookbook? Because it was written in a time when a person used fresh ingredients. Never thought about it? If you’re looking for a great cookbook with all the basics, start there and make sure you’re using as natural ingredients as possible.

That’s the way Betty did it 🙂


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