10 on 10 ~ May 2012

Last Thursday was May 10th, and viola! I have a 10 on 10 for you today, which is, trust me, a great feat considering how hectic Thursday was. For Teacher Appreciation Week each year the PTA provides a huge, homemade lunch for all the employees of our school, and that was what I did for the first half of my day.

7:00 am ~ Gotta have my coffee 😉

My Hot Chicken Salad is requested every year.

8:00 am ~ The cooking begins!


9:00 am ~ Cleaning out my spice bin because one threw up and I love to have extra fun and stressful things to do!

10:00 am ~ Jamming to some music in the kitchen

11:00 am ~ Setting up the food

12:00 ~ Still eating…

2:00 pm ~ Came home and cleaned up the kitchen

3:00 pm ~ Received an early Mother’s Day gift. Love!

4:00 pm ~ Doing Laundry

5:00 pm ~ Chillin’ for a bit

6:00 pm ~ Getting ready to go out

7:00 pm ~ With Nicole at a Fundraiser Dinner

So there you have it! My fabulous day in 10 (ok, 11) pictures. I’m getting better at this (no collages this time), but I still can’t just post pictures with no words. I probably never will.  Hope you enjoyed it, and if you have never done a 10 on 10, you should try it. It’s fun 🙂 See ya tomorrow!

Click the link for the recipe to my Hot Chicken Salad.


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