We’re Moving!

A season has come to an end. (No, not the blog, silly!) Living the life of an itinerant ministry, we often are moved from one appointment to another. We’ve had five amazing years here on the island; an experience we would not have had otherwise. It’s become home to my children, especially Number One who changed so much from 10 to 15. When he looks back I know he will see this place as his home. As much as I moved around as a child, the home I spent years 9-15 in were the most impactful. There’s just something about that time of your life.

It’s a bittersweet time because we’ve known a very long time that this was coming, but weren’t allowed to say anything for months. Not knowing what was coming has been stressful. I am the kind of person that likes to know what to expect, even if it’s years from now, just so I can be prepared. Of course, we didn’t know where we were going, we only knew that we would. Once the appointment was set we were allowed to tell our congregation and our friends and family.

I have made some awesome friends here. I have made myself a part of the community by getting involved in several organizations. I made a niche for myself and now I will have to start all over. But the blog shall remain and of course nothing here will change 😉 My 40th birthday is coming up and you know what that means: Girls Night! I will be sure to post some pictures as this may very well be our last get-together before June. I hope not but we’ll see.

So for the next two months I will be super busy. Five years collects a lot of stuff and I have to go through the attic and weed out the things we need to throw out, donate, etc. Then start packing. Ugh! How I hate the packing. But I’ve done this countless times and this definitely won’t be my last move. If I miss a post here and there it is because I’m up to my ears in boxes and whatnot, which I suspect will leave me little time for writing, but I will do my best to post most days (just to keep me sane if nothing else!)

So before I know it it’ll be “goodbye” to the island; the salt air and salt water (all over my car and house windows), the flooding yards and streets, the small close-knit community where everyone knows everyone (and their business),  the very inflated gas prices, my neighbor’s roosters crowing all day long, the Canadian Geese that come every spring and lay bombs all over my yard, the tourists, and last but certainly not least, the hurricanes and nor’eastern winds. You can probably tell that I’m not really sad to say goodbye to most of these things. There are pros and cons to every living situation.

But I will also be saying goodbye to friends and church family. There are more people I will be sad to leave behind than there are whom I will not. And I will miss the ocean. I’m not much of a beach lounger but it was always fun to go out and find a car or a group of people you knew and someone to hang out with for a little bit while the kids made sand castles and played in the water. Those impromptu meetings with random friends were always rewarding.

I will miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the sheer volume of stars in the night sky that I never saw before anywhere else. I will miss being able to say, “Anyone wanna walk with me over to the store?” And having my name known virtually everywhere I frequented. It’s so nice when you sit down at a restaurant and they already have your half sweet- half unsweet tea waiting for you 😉 I’ll miss the nature. I gained a newfound love for God’s creation in the sand dunes. Even watching hundreds of people come out daily to kite surf or wind surf. I will miss the rustic beauty that is all around this island.

I’ll miss the dolphins.

I’ll miss the hundreds of turtles that come out to sun themselves on the side of Hwy 64 on logs in the creeks.

The pelicans were pretty cool, too, but I won’t miss the seagulls ( we call them sand chickens.)

I won’t miss the nutrients, or the possums, or the plethora of feral cats that were always trying to scam my cat’s food.

So goodbye will be said and tears will be shed (haha- that rhymed!) and then the time will come to say “Hello!” to a new town, a new house, a new church, new schools, new jobs, and new friends.

Things will be different. There’s no way they can’t. The island is a place like no other. But that’s okay. Different isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes it’s just a little challenging. I’m good with challenges 🙂


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