Spring Cleaning

This whole week I’ll be cleaning my house. Thoroughly. It won’t be the last time I do it this Spring either. Anyone else out there in virtual land have the same problem as me? If you have children, particularly BOYS, you find that Spring Cleaning isn’t a one-time thing. It’s usually an ongoing event. We don’t just tidy up around here. We extreme clean.

The upstairs in our house opens up to a large family room. This is where the boys watch TV, play video games, hang out, etc. There are three bedrooms, one of which is my office. The master bedroom is downstairs. So basically, the boys have the whole upstairs to themselves. Can I just say what you’re all wondering? Yes, it smells up there. Like boy. Like sweaty boys. And the damp towels on the carpet just don’t seem to help. I can’t imagine why.

One of these on each side of the bathroom door, so no matter which side they're on you'd think they should be able to see it, right? They don't.

Despite the signs I post around the upstairs area, these boys still can’t remember to hang up their wet towels. And that’s not all. Dirty clothes, DVD’s, even clean clothes sit in baskets, Legos strewn about, DS game chips, water bottles, name it – it’s on the floor or covering some surface.

Both boys have erase boards on their doors. My oldest, as you can see, has chore reminders. It's useless. The "pooper" btw is our dog 🙂

Now that makes me sound like a horrible house-keeper, doesn’t it? But I promise you, after the weekly dusting and vacuuming, sheet-changing and bed-making, toilet scrubbing, I’m pooped! And the purpose is to teach these boys some responsibility or consequences. Although, they do seem more comfortable living with those consequences than I do…hmm………..

Clothes, blankets, empty water bottles, general trash, and Christmas ornaments!? {That one's my bad} Believe it or not, this was totally tidy a few days ago!

Like our air hockey table? It gets lots of use....

See what I mean? It’s ALL THE TIME cleaning. But occasionally I have to do uber, extreme cleaning, and that’s what I’m doing this week. Spring Break is just around the corner. Easter is this weekend and we’ve got company coming. I’m sure they will appreciate a clean, nice-smelling upstairs, too.

Have a great week!

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