10 on 10: March 2012

Have you ever heard of 10 on 10? Many bloggers have been doing this and it has become quite the “thing” to do. I first read about 10 on 10 at another blog and have been intrigued by the idea for many months. Alas, January and February flew by without me being any the wiser that I had missed my opportunity. Then I decided not to wait for that perfect weekday 10. Instead I would grab this months 10th on the Saturday it landed on and post Monday. It worked out much better than I thought because weekdays can be so hurried and busy that I forget to carry my camera around all day (not an easy thing to remember to do.)

BTW, 10 photos and no comments is really hard to do, so I give you 10 collages. Yes, I know it’s cheating. My blog, my rules.

Without further ado, my first ever 10 on 10…










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