Do you know what you’re eating?

I just threw money into the garbage. For real.

*Do not read this if you are not willing to make some drastic changes in your eating habits.

If at the end of these articles you are content to continue eating the way you do, that’s entirely up to you. But I have to say, this was an awakening for me.

First let me go back a bit…..

About 8 years ago we really did clean up our pantry. I bought only all organic foods, cut out lots of dairy and only bought small amounts of organic white cheddar for the occasional meal or treat. Sour cream and the like were cut out entirely. We stopped purchasing and eating white sugar, white rice, white pasta, white anything. I would still use regular flour (albeit unbleached) in small amounts mixed with whole wheat flour. Snacks such as gummy bears were all natural or organic, as well as crackers and anything else that my then 3 and 7 year olds enjoyed. We stopped eating all pork, shellfish, nitrates, MSG’s, pre-packaged meals and food of any type. We were healthy, and my hubby and I collectively lost 100 pounds in a matter of months.

Since then I’ve gotten very slack. Truth is, I couldn’t afford organic everything, but over time I realized not everything had to be organic. At some point you realize that’s as much of a gimmick as anything else. But I do still stick with many of the things I started with, like organic milk. I won’t EVER go back to regular. (I have slid majorly on the cheese and dairy.) I still do not buy or eat white anything – all our rice is brown or wild, our pasta is whole wheat or veggie based, and our sugar continues to be brown natural or organic.

Several months ago I was standing in line at the grocery store, waiting to pay for my items. As usual I had 2 or 3 half-gallon cartons of organic milk. The lady in front of me, who should have been bagging her groceries instead of eyeballing mine, said, “You know, you don’t have to buy organic anymore. My friend is a nurse and she said that regular milk doesn’t have all those hormones injected into them anymore.”

I calmly replied, “I’ll never stop buying organic milk.” But what I really wanted to say was, “You nosy little……”

I found her nosiness to be rude, not to mention incredibly mis-informed. I never heard of such a report, and if I had I certainly would not have believed it at face value. Just read these articles that are EVERYWHERE. I take it that woman has not been doing her homework. Yes, we all want to believe that the milk is safe from hormones, but it’s not. I want to believe that the government isn’t deciding which additives are safe to put in our food, but I know it’s just a pipe dream. Bottom line, the FDA allows for A LOT of horrible stuff to be put into our food. I just don’t trust them, so I’m not likely to trust the word of a nosy stranger.

Read this and then look around at the other articles. You will be going through your pantry, too.

The 15 Grossest Things You’re Eating

I definitely had back-slid! This was unacceptable.

Look at your salad dressings, coffee creamers, and canned icing. In the ingredients list, near the bottom, does it say Titanium Dioxide? Yeah, that’s added for the “whiteness” and it’s also used in paints and sunscreens. That can’t be good.

Do you use canned mushrooms? There are maggots in there. FDA allows for 19 in every can. They ALLOW it. I’ve heard of other products that allow for maggots, mites, and flies. My question is this: If they are counting how many get in there for the allowable amount, why can’t they just monitor to keep them out all together? Duh! If they can’t then maybe they really aren’t counting for 19 either??

How about those grain products such as bread and cereals? Look for the ingredient L-cysteine. It’s an “amino acid” (non-essential to boot) that comes from human hair (asian) and/or duck feathers. Really?? Who comes up with this stuff!?

Want to be confused even more? How about Castoreum. This stuff is used extensively in processed foods and drinks, typically as vanilla or raspberry flavoring. Guess what it is…..Beaver anal gland juice. And it doesn’t show up on the label. Instead it’s referred to as “natural flavorings.” Yeah, natural as in a woodland creature’s butt. Seriously, whoever milked a beaver butt and thought ‘hey, we can make a vanilla shake with this!’

Do you know what Round Up is? That stuff that you spray to kill EVERYTHING? Well, it’s in our food. A lot of it. Look at your labels. You’re in for a shock. It’s called Glyphosate.

Drink Mountain Dew? I call it Mountain Poo. Never liked it, never will, but hubby does. I’ll bet he’ll stop drinking it when he learns that there is flame-retardent chemicals in there. It’s also in Fanta, Sunkist, and Gatorade, among others. Look for BVO or brominated vegetable oil.

I also read an article not too long ago about wood pulp in foods, especially from fast food restaurants. Read here about powdered cellulose and which products contain it. There are hundreds of articles out there, so don’t take my word for it: Google it.

I can see now how much I have slacked. Used to be I would not buy much, if at all, that had a long list of unpronounceable ingredients, and I have since bought plenty. And I have to wonder if the employees of some of these companies eat their products. Doubtful.

Buying all natural and organic is not economical, but it is essential to your health. I challenge every reader out there who cares about these issues to go through your own pantry and fridge, throw out the items that contain toxic additives and commit to eating healthier. I believe that if we (collectively as a people) stopped buying these products eventually the companies will reconsider their guidelines. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way I will do right by me and my family.
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