The Pantry Challenge Journal ~ Week 4

Week 4 of my Pantry Challenge was quite easy. I only had to plan for 4 out of my normal 6 or 7 meals. Unfortunately the reason for this was because we had to travel a 5 hour distance to attend a funeral.

The week started off as most do, with me pouring over my recipe options and coupons and creating a shopping list. I’ll admit it, my head was not in the game at all and I only half-heartedly planned for 2 meals. The budget also came into question because I had to purchase many items for Brandon to take with him on his annual youth ski trip. Every year I make a huge pot of chili, freeze it in gallon-sized bags, and then send it off to feed the hungry kids after two days of skiing. This year the number of kids has dwindled (or rather supporting parents) and I’ve been asked to supply much more in the way of food items. Aside from the chili ingredients I also bought sliced cheese, 4 packages of hamburger buns, 1 lb. shredded cheese, 1 lb. block cheese, and 1 gallon milk. The total was $33.31. That’s half of my weekly budget. The good news is that I got a chili meal for myself and the boys out of it, so that was one night covered.

I guess you could say that it’s a good thing we had to go out of town for 2 days for a funeral (yes, I realize how horrible that sounds), at least when it came to meal planning and grocery budgeting. For the week  I spent $41.76, which when you add up the two totals you will see that I went way over my $60 budget ($15.07 to be exact) but as it happened I had $10 in my pocket, which rarely ever happens, and I applied that to the total due, leaving me with only a $5.07 overage. See how I rationalized that? Next week all I have to do is cut my budget by $5 to make up the difference.

MONDAY, January 23rd: Rice and Beans with Cheese. I posted this recipe last week. You can link to it here. We also had banana pudding for dessert 😉

TUESDAY, January 24th: Chili. This is my standby recipe from Betty Crocker. I have had many chili’s but when I make it this is my preferred recipe. The key is to get the onion and green peppers small so little people don’t see or taste them. Personally I like the taste and texture of the vegetables left in strings, but it’s easier to not beg my kids to eat.

WEDNESDAY, January 25th: Out of town for the funeral.

THURSDAY, January 26th: We headed back home today but had to eat on the road.

FRIDAY, January 27th: I love Mexican food and have been wanting to make this healthy baked chimichanga. The boys have been asking for weeks where their Friday night pizza is at, but I think they were pacified with this yummy dish. (This recipe is post #2 today!)

SATURDAY, January 28th: We cheated tonight and ordered a pizza 🙂 Jadon has been asking all month long “Where’s my pizza?” I guess those Friday Pizza Nights got a little too reliable. So it was nice to be able to call in a large thin cheese on wheat crust from our local pizza guru place and have Cory pick it up on his way home from a meeting. Add a salad and viola! dinner is served.

SUNDAY, January 29th: Most Sundays I prepare rather large, traditional meals such as pot roast or turkey with all the fixins (veggies, biscuits, taters, etc) but Cory specifically asked for a homemade veggie soup with “some kind of meat”. He didn’t want a stew; he wanted a soup, so I browned some ground turkey with garlic powder and onions and placed in a pot of chicken stock with cut up veggies and barley. I used whatever I had in the house: carrot, cabbage, canned peas, frozen corn, onion, canned diced tomatoes, and lots of herbs such as marjoram, thyme, bay leaf, tarragon, and salt & pepper.

If you missed any of my previous Journal posts and want to see what meals I made all month long, just click on each week. Most weeks I included purchases made outside of what I already had in order to make certian meals or desserts.

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