It’s like Christmas all over again

I didn’t have a chance to make a dessert last night for Dessert Night. The boys had to eat up the last of the ice cream (I’m sure that was very hard). Today I will be making a cake for Cory’s 40th birthday- so it all works out fine in the sugar department 🙂

We had a visitor this week for a few days as Cory’s mother came to the island to see all the boys and bring them their long-awaited Christmas gifts from her side of the family. I had to share because Brandon got a suit- something he’d been wanting, and WOW did he look good!

Are you taking a picture of me?

Cool- ties!

We're diggin' the sports jacket 🙂

Jadon finally got his own tri-pod for his video camera.

New speakers for the computer and ...

the coolest digital doodle pad ever!

We’re still trying to figure out how to install it. Apparently Jadon’s computer just isn’t up to par. This has caused some big tears but as usual we will find a way. Isn’t patience a virtue? I think I’ve heard that somewhere….. (Hmph! Try telling that to a 10-year-old!)

So, remember this?

Well, check this out.

Stylin' and Profilin'


That kid is lookin’ sharp!

It’s time for me to go bake a cake (I promise I will share). See you on Monday. Have a GREAT weekdend. Blessings!

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