Good News comes when we need it most

If you haven’t heard yet, there is still hope for us.

We are a failing country. I don’t mean to sound unpatriotic, or anti-American. In fact I love the old America. The original America. The true America. I just think we should look at the truth, bold-faced in the eye, and see it for what it is. We have no one to blame but ourselves, really. Each generation is marked by a distinctive genre of philosophy. The Baby Boomers kinda made things hard for America, through no fault of their own, but let’s face it, this country has been raped of its identity and economy by the very people who so innocently only wanted to enjoy the comforts of middle and upper class for the first time. Following generations will not make it better if we continue on in our parents’ footsteps. We won’t know any better. Maybe it was just a natural course that no one could have predicted. But isn’t it time to get back to the basics?

Yeah, I love the internet. I rely heavily on it every day, even before I started blogging. But as a product of Generation X, even I at 39 knew ten years ago that our leaps and bounds in technology were only helping dumb down our country. Are we relying so heavily on technology that we really aren’t paying attention to the politics of our country? There are college-aged kids out there who need to use a calculator when breaking a dollar. They can’t make change! And I’m not exaggerating here either because every summer I go to work in the restaurants and they are there. Last summer I made two 19-year-old girls learn how to count back money whenever I needed them to make change for me. I would literally take the calculator away. They didn’t like me very much for it, but some day they will be glad.

Yes, I’m on a soapbox now, but back to the point…

I admit there is a whole new generation who is much smarter than the average bear due to the technology they have grown up with. My own 10-year-old knows how to make videos on a cheap little recorder, load them up into the computer, splice, add graphics, audio, the whole works. I’m sure that if my generation had the same advantages we’d have done just as well. But we also have a serious lack of standards in the public school system. The SAT alone was actually dumbed down so that school’s scores could stay high. It’s all about the scores, don’t you know?

I’m not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I know when something doesn’t feel right, and I also know that the government was never meant to play such a huge role in the life of the American people. 200 years ago the government was put in place to serve and protect the people. That’s it! Today it has become a tyrannical circus. How did we allow bankers, industrialists, the ACLU………… to rule us? Why the rush towards evolutionary theory that not only allowed the government to take over the public school system, but to begin a breakdown in the American family that has only gotten worse?

It’s time we got back to basics instead of this ridiculous idea of a new world order. I don’t usually speak out my political views because  I don’t claim to be all that educated and I hate debates anyway. But I know one thing, there are too many blind people with the major vote, arguing and yelling and debating how we’ve got the best possible administration in control. Really? When everything I see is a deliberate attempt to cripple us further….I just don’t see it.

Today was National Blackout Day in protest against SOPA and PIPA, because these two bills would censor the internet and slow economic growth in the U.S. Basically, the government would have the right to declare any website involved in any act of piracy, and have it removed. Keep in mind that the word “piracy” is used very liberally here. In fact, my little blog could easily be accused of piracy. How, you ask? Any link I provided to any other website that may or may not have posted in acts of “piracy”, anything that is copied from another source that may or may not have been posted in an act of “piracy”, any recipe I’ve shared from another source without using  legal “cited” jargon, etc. and especially for any references I’ve made to Jesus, God, Christianity, and the like. This bill can even take away your right to pay for and watch movies using Netflix. It’s crazy. And I could almost see the point if underneath it all they were trying to get rid of porn or something like that – but there I go, being a good little Christian who thinks everyone is on the same page where “bad” things are concerned. But no, all clues point to the government only wanting control over us. What we see, what we read, what we write, what we say, what we think….

The good news is that the bill has already been turned over. Only 4.5 hours into the national protest and already they have buckled to the pressure of thousands of internet users and major web behemoths like Google, Facebook, Reddit, and even WordPress, to name a few. You can read the article here. But be warned, this matter is only shelved. Don’t think it’s going to go away. In fact, I can promise it won’t. This isn’t the first time a bill like this has been presented. And just because today (Jan. 18) is the official Blackout Day, that doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to fight. Click here to sign the petition against these bills and other ones like it. And if you’re still not sure what this is all about or how it will affect you, then read this. Or Google it- there are plenty of online articles and information about it on the internet.
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