Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s a fact that if you eat a good, nutritious breakfast then you will be less likely to over-eat or make bad snacking choices later in the day. It’s also been studied that over-weight people tend to skip breakfast. What happens then is they allow the weight of their day to build up and then emotional eating occurs. I don’t know how typical that is for all over-weight people, but I’ve personally had more than one over-weight friend tell me that they don’t eat breakfast because they just aren’t “breakfast people” or they aren’t hungry. Usually this is accompanied with, “I really don’t eat a lot.”

Is this because the little they are eating isn’t all that healthy, or because they are trying to convince us that they are not over-eaters? Either way, I am willing to bet that their eating habits are not good. One of these friends for example, loves red meat and potatoes, occasionally corn and salad, but generally does not like vegetables or chicken and definitely no fish. What can we possibly say to people who eat like this? I don’t know well enough to know for sure how this person feels about beans or whole grains, but I’ve never seen her eat either.

Because Jadon is ADHD he doesn’t tend to eat much at lunchtime. I pack him a lunch almost everyday to take to school. (I am not a big fan of school lunches.) Generally I make these appealing because my ultimate goal is hopefully to just get something in his body that can be used as energy. He gets a juice box, a small bag of chips or goldfish crackers, half a sandwich, and one very small treat such as a Nature Made granola thin with chocolate. Other times he’ll get some baby carrots and a small container of peanut butter (Jif has come out with to-go containers love them!) And then once in a while I’ll treat him to a small Oscar Mayer Lunchable.

No, this isn’t the healthiest of meals, but that’s not my goal here. Breakfast and dinner are the meals where I have to get his proteins, vitamins and minerals. These are the meals he’s hungry for and eats good portions. So when it comes to breakfast these ideas work just as well for a picky 10 year old as they will for you, and they are all quick and easy, too.

Breakfast Burrito: Did you know that you could microwave eggs? I really didn’t until recently. Whisk an egg up in a small bowl and then put in the microwave for maybe 30-60 seconds. Watch it to gauge how long it takes in your microwave so that it doesn’t over cook. It will make a flat round egg that’ll fit perfectly into a 6 inch corn tortilla (warm in microwave). Add a little salsa and shredded cheddar, roll it up, and you’ve got an extra tasty and protein packed breakfast.

Just a little salsa and cheese does the trick.

We fold them over and eat it like a taco 🙂

Eggs and Grits Bowl: This is really yummy and only requires a bit of assembly. One serving consists of 1 or 2 eggs, 1 package instant grits, 1 or 2 pieces of cooked turkey bacon or links of turkey sausage, and some shredded cheddar cheese. Cook everything, scramble the egg(s), chopped up the meat, and mix it all together in a bowl. If you are not familiar with grits, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Grits are very versatile and are good with butter, cheese, or even sweetened with cinnamon or brown sugar. I didn’t know what grits were until I came down South. There’s a very well-known dish in the South called Shrimp and Grits. I think I’ll have to take a stab at a recipe one of these days.Jadon likes cheesy grits (left) and Brandon likes plain but with shredded cheese added (right).

Jadon likes cheesy grits (left) and Brandon likes plain but with shredded cheese added (right).

Steel Cut Oatmeal: When you think of oatmeal you probably think of that pre-packaged instant stuff. Blech. I’m not a big fan of it. Steel cut oats are way better and so much more nutritional. There are lots of easy crock-pot recipes available if you have the inclination to set up your breakfast the night before. But for a quick breakfast Trader Joes has maple steel-cut oatmeal, precooked and frozen in portion sizes, just ready to pop into the microwave. This one here I added brown sugar and milk. Other great add-ins are nuts, fruit, and honey.

Sealed in individual portions

Whole Wheat Toaster Waffles: Not too often, unless you make your own from scratch, because they are premade and contain some preservatives. But what makes this a healthy breakfast is the apple butter and walnuts. This packs protein and flavor, and also makes an excellent low-calorie snack.

Bacon and Egg Puffs: This takes a few extra minutes, but worth it if you have the time to spare. They also refrigerate well for a day or two in case you want to make them ahead. They do lose their “puffiness” bit still every bit as tasty.

Cottage Cheese: I usually serve this to the boys in little bowls. It helps me with portion control (for me as well) and that way the cheese does not “touch” other foods on the plate. Lots of protein and vitamins.

Plain Yogurt: It does not matter if you use regular or greek. This may not go over with the kids, but is a good, quick, and filling breakfast for moms on the go. Simply add walnuts or pecans, dried fruits such as Trader Joes Orange Cranberries (yum!) or raisins, and top with pure honey. A bit of granola is also a good addition for a more hearty meal.

Fruit: My kids are not as big fruit eaters as I’d like. They like apples, grapes, blueberries, and bananas. I will cut up a banana and put it in a bowl with their breakfast. Somehow since it already seems “prepared” they are more likely to eat it rather than taking the initiative to peel or cut a piece of fruit themselves.

Jimmy Dean Delights: Jadon went through a phase where he ate only these sandwiches for breakfast every morning for 8 months! They are not cheap, I will admit – about $6 for 4. But Sam’s Club sells them in counts of 12 for about $12- that’s a price you can’t beat anywhere! It almost made it worth it to make a 3 hour trip out to Sams just to buy them at that price. Of course, I’d buy 2 or 3 boxes at a time. These are processed, but not too bad for what you get: turkey sausage, egg white, and cheese on a wheat english muffin.

What are some of your great breakfast ideas?

Look for my second post today: The Home Heart on TMB


8 thoughts on “Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

  1. Eggs are great for breakfast as they are filling on top of being nutritious – then it does not matter if the kids do not eat much at lunch time. Before my girls eat their porridge/cereal/toast they eat a bowl of fruit: a fruit salad made up of the different fruits I have in the fridge that day.

    • I like your style. I really should push more fruits. I’ve heard of feeding kids/family in courses to ensure the nutritional intake, such as a veggie course first at dinner before anything else is offered. It works the same way with fruit at breakfast. Thanks for sharing- you’ve inspired me! 🙂

  2. I’m a big advocate for oatmeal (the plain oats/no sugar added kind) for breakfast. I mix this with fresh apples and just a hint of cinnamon. It’s delicious and fills me up until a later lunch. Skipping breakfast is most damaging because it gives us what we feel like a “free pass” to eat more later in the day and it slows the metabolism.

    • I agree with you about the “free pass” theory. I see it all the time, especially with my over weight friends. I also prefer plain oatmeal that I can dress up myself. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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