Bacon and Egg Puffs

On Sunday morning I decided to make something for the boys. Since I make them breakfast and dinner every day, I don’t normally make a big breakfast on the weekends. Instead I will let them have their cereals of choice for a treat. Sigh. All that sugar. You can see why I only let them have it once, maybe twice, a week.

So it could be on any given Saturday or Sunday morning I will feel moved to prepare breakfast. I really should do this on Saturdays so that Hubby could benefit as well. Sunday’s are a mad rush to cook, feed, and dress for church. Hubby is gone early so he never gets Sunday breakfast with us, and I have no idea why I like to make things difficult for myself. Apparently I just do.

I came across several breakfast ideas such as this one in my days. Some were egg recipes that included shredded potatoes and some were french toast versions. Without any real recipe to go by I figured this could hardly go wrong, and so I quickly pulled together my own take on an old idea.

I used:

6 strips of turkey bacon, cut in half

6 eggs, whisked

Milk, if desired, added to eggs for that fluffiness

Salt & Pepper to taste

Shredded cheese – I used Mexican blend because that’s what I’ve got 🙂

*Preheat oven (I used my convection) to 375* and place 2 pieces of bacon, criss-crossed, in each section of a 6 cup muffin tin. Allow to cook some, about 3 or 4 minutes, then remove pan from oven. Evenly distribute the eggs in each cup over the bacon and add a little cheese on top. Place back into oven and allow eggs to cook and set. This should take maybe 10 minutes. Eggs will be slightly browned and puffy. Remove from oven, add more cheese if desired and serve.


A perfect serving. The boys liked them and I liked knowing they were getting a whole egg in each serving. Jadon ate one, and Brandon ate two. I served them with cups of yogurt, toast, and juice.

This meal didn’t cost me anything extra because I already had the ingredients. I am now out of eggs and turkey bacon. I don’t necessarily feel as though buying more eggs is cheating, but perhaps more bacon would be? Oh, this Pantry Challenge is hard!

Look for post #2 today: Cinnamon Apple Tart!


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