Super Healthy, Super Cheap

If you missed post #1 today, click here for Chicken of the Sea~Part 2 and get a fabulous recipe for macaroni and cheese with a twist!


I’m on a mission. I’ve been inspired.

Scrolling through Facebook I saw an article that a friend posted from the Huffington Post (an internet newspaper) that piqued my interest. I clicked on the link and that article led me to another, which was called Food Informants: A Week In The Life Of Karl Wilder, A Chef Living On A Food Stamp Budget. I will add the link at the end of this post. It truly was an interesting read. There were many people commenting on the article about whether or not this experiment was valid, if the guy had cheated by accepting gifts of food, and if it was indeed considered realistic that any person could live off of a $4.00 a day meal budget.

I didn’t care about any of those arguments. What struck me the most important lesson from this challenge was that you could definitely live cheaply and still eat healthy. Being a chef was a huge plus for this guy. I think most people have basic cooking skills based on what they were taught by their mothers or grandmothers. I also think that most people are unsure when it comes to choosing ingredients and knowing how to prepare them. And I am positive that experimenting with new ingredients is overwhelming. So most people stick to what they know. They also stick to what is “cheap” like white bread, rice, and pasta. Have you ever seen those little plastic jugs of colored “juice” in the drink aisle of your grocery store? That is nothing but colored sugar-water, yet people on a tight budget will buy them because they are roughly  10 cents apiece. Those aren’t good for anyone of any age.

In my quest of super healthy, super cheap recipes I came across this guy’s website Primal Toad. He is on a mission to “debunk the most idiotic food myth in the world: eating healthy is expensive.” Check it out.

*So this is what I’ve been inspired to do…. I’m going to search out and find some awesome recipes that are both inexpensive and healthy and post them here. I will add in the cost of ingredients, including the cost per serving, as well as any nutritional information when I can. I would like to see how much I can cut from my grocery bill without sacrificing any of my health standards. In the meantime, I recommend this article. You may get inspired as well.

**Please note: I wrote this particular thread back in the middle of November. I did not post it because the timing was not right and I did not want to promise to do something I could not deliver on quickly. Then I forgot all about it and realized that I was referring to it in other posts. Finally I found it buried in the deep of all my posts and I just couldn’t not share. 



3 thoughts on “Super Healthy, Super Cheap

  1. Nice post. It is SO important to teach people that eating healthy does NOT have to be expensive! I am an avid couponer. When I tell people they say, “But, there’s never coupons for anything healthy.” Not true. Also, items that we all buy every day (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, deodorant etc.) end up being free so that we can then spend a little more money on fresh fruits and veggies (Which, by the way, frozen often have more nutrients than fresh and there ARE frequently coupons for frozen veggies…) 🙂 Excited to see what recipes you come up with!

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