The Day the Christmas Tree Died

I hope you didn’t miss post #1 for today: Ratatouille!

In years past I have left my Christmas decorations up until after New Years. In fact, I would usually tackle the job as soon as New Years Day had passed as if to say, the season is now over, you may return to your dreary lives. Taking down the lights and the decorations is so depressing. There is something finalizing about setting your house back into post-Christmas order, which is in fact, let’s face it, colorless and dreary compared to the twinkle glow and festive decorations. My house always looks so bare.

Goodbye little wreath

I don’t drag my feet for this reason alone. In fact I’d just as soon get it all out and tidied up as soon as possible. It’s the work I dread. Packing everything away neatly and organized is a chore indeed, but I appreciate it all the same when the next Christmas season hits and I don’t have to sort through a messy box of broken bits.

Goodbye Santa on bended knee

It’s not New Years yet, I realize I still have time. Truth is I will most likely wait until next week when the boys are back in school and I have the house to myself. Then I will lug all the Rubbermaid totes down from the attic, fill them up, and then lug them back up the stairs until next year.

Goodbye stockings all in a row

Does anyone else ever feel sort of strange between Christmas and New Years? It’s like limbo in a way. It is still part of the Christmas season, but it doesn’t always feel as much. We’re all just lounging around this week trying to recover from Christmas indulging in order to stuff ourselves with New Years fare and football.

Goodbye Christmas glow

I spoke to a friend at length on the phone today. Conversations like this are rare in the life of a busy mom, and this particular mom has 6 kids. She asked me what I was up to today and I had no real answer for her. In fact, I realized it’s already Friday and I hadn’t known what I was doing all week! Part of me is feeling guilty for not being more motivated, but then I think…motivated to do what? How many opportunities do we busy moms get to lay back for a whole week with no real agenda? Other than cooking, cleaning, and some laundry, why should I worry about not having anything pressing on my calendar?

I hope you are truly enjoying your time of rest and respite before 2012 approaches. Count your blessings and be glad in them.

P.S. You are familiar with the story Goodnight Moon…. Well, I recently came across a Christmas version called A Christmas Goodnight.


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