Oven Baked Tuna Tenderloins

Hubby and Number One went off-shore fishing last week and caught several ahi tuna and yellow fin tuna. They brought back 4 huge freezer bags each with at least 6 big  tenderloins. We eat lots of fresh fish around here. My favorite is salmon (I am originally from Seattle after all), but since you can’t get that here we eat a lot of tuna, blue, and spanish mackerel. There are way more species around here, like tile, shark, flounder, etc. All white fish. All very tasty. If you’re a fish eater this is heaven. If you’re not, well, this may not be the post for you. Sorry.

I have A LOT of fish in my freezer. It will keep for a while so I’m not in any hurry to cook it all up. But yesterday I did defrost a bag, which yielded 6 or 7 huge pieces. I cooked 3 for me and the boys when 2 would have been plenty. But it never hurts to have extra cooked and ready to go in the fridge for a healthy meal.

Oven Baked Tuna Tenderloins

I put three of the pieces on a baking sheet, drizzled olive oil, salt, and lime pepper seasoning. Then I popped them into the oven at 350* for about 20 minutes. A good rule of thumb is 10 to 15 minutes per inch. I flipped the pieces over and gave them a few extra minutes. This cooked the fish all the way through, which is how my boys eat it. If you like it a little pink then it would only cook for 15 minutes, or less, depending on how raw you like it. But at that point it would be best to just roll it in sesame, sear it and serve with soy. That’s how I like it.

Out of the oven, squeeze a little fresh lemon juice on it. Serve over bulgur with a salad or a green veggie. Very healthy and super yummy.

Now what to do with the remaining pieces in my fridge? Waste not, want not. In my effort to also watch my budget, I would be a fool to not utilize every bit of this super healthy and free protein. And I have the perfect recipe – I’ll give you a hint 😉

Oh yeah 🙂


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