December 23rd ~ Are We There Yet?

On the twentythird day of December my true love gave to me,

a headache and a bit of fatigue.

Is anyone else tired yet? These past three weeks have just flown by, and now we’re on the eve of The Eve. Already. And I woke up this morning with a slight headache, which is better than a big headache (those are the worst to start your day with!), but I am sure it will go away with some tea and quiet time.

Looking back on these past three weeks, it’s no wonder I feel as though the air force is running practice drills in my head this morning. Every day has had something going on, no matter how big or small. Tonight is my last party of the season, and one I’m looking forward to regardless, because it’s with all my favorite girls and our hubbys. Each of us must bring a wrapped ornament and an appetizer that starts with the first letter of our name. My ornament is sure to be a hit with all my high-heeled wearing girlfriends- it’s a glittery stiletto- I think Elke and Tia are the only ones who don’t wear them, nor me, but it’s still super cute. And the dish will be Caprese. Yes, I’m cheating a bit because I made this last week (but this will be a new batch!) for the party I had on Saturday. But I don’t have anymore of that awesome crab dip, so Caprese it will be. And this time I found some fresh basil to skewer between the cheese and tomatoes. No Tortellini this time. They didn’t skewer well.

I feel like I’ve neglected my blogging duties by not having more recipes and action in the kitchen. It’s not common that we eat out as often as we have this week, and so the last time I cooked was Sunday when I made a traditional pot roast dinner with my roasted potatoes, green beans, and carrot bake. We had guests for dinner, the sherif and his son, and for dessert I set out a tray of cake balls, macaroons, and my gingersnap-lemon tarts. Baking is another thing I haven’t indulged in much this year. After I make my traditional cookies I’m pretty much done. Between those and leftover goodies from the party, we have more than we can possibly eat, and it doesn’t stop there. So far we’ve been given some peanut brittle, homemade biscotti, and a huge chocolate cake. There could still be more coming, you never know.

Monday night was the Senior Dinner at the church, which is covered dish style. Every year the church sponsors the seniors at our secondary school by hosting about 5 or 6 dinners during the school year. They also send birthday cards to each student, bring them cookies and treats at the school periodically, and give out little gifts and raffle items. With the average graduating class around 45 each year, this is very easily done. At the beginning of the year we also choose a student and pray for them all year.

Tuesday night was caroling and pizza. Wednesday Hubby and I took the boys “up the beach” to do the last bit of Christmas shopping, to see a movie (Sherlock Holmes 2= Awesome!) and to dinner at Outback. That was a real treat! But Number Two was upset we didn’t go to mexican, which what we ended up doing last night after his rehearsal at the church for his role as a Wiseman in the Christmas Eve play tomorrow night. And tonight is pizza night for the boys while Hubby and I go to a party so………yeah, lots of great healthy food going into our bodies these days, right?

In response to this busy season and the madness some of us feel at times, I came up with my own version of the 12 Days of Christmas song based on everything that has gone on this month so far (yes, 3 turkeys- really!). I truly have only had a handful of days this month where we could relax and watch a family movie together and not worry about having to be somewhere.

12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a Christmas parade down main street.

One the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…two winter concerts and a Christmas parade down main street.

On the third day of Christmas….3 roasted turkeys….

On the Fourth day of Christmas…4 shopping day trips…

On the fifth day of Christmas…5 batches of cookies…

On the sixth day of Christmas…6 community engagements…

On the seventh day of Christmas…7 party invites…

On the eighth day of Christmas…8 runs to the post office…

On the ninth day of Christmas…9 bowls of popcorn…

On the tenth day of Christmas…10 Christmas movies…

On the eleventh day of Christmas…11 loads of laundry…

On the twelfth day of Christmas…12 gifts to wrap…

So there you have it, the busy yet wonderful season in December that we all must submit to. It’s not so bad. In fact, it’s pretty magical, and once Christmas Day has come and gone I will have a week to hang out with the boys before their winter break is over. As usual, I try not to sweat the small stuff (and yes, it’s all small, in retrospect) and ALWAYS remember the true meaning of the season.


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