December 16th ~ Wrap Rage

On the sixteenth day of December my true love gave to me,

some bows and ribbons and anxiety.

<– Haha, how perfect is that? I didn’t even plan it 🙂 Even God has a sense of humor! Praying for others will undoubtedly induce endorphins that will encourage you to enjoy your task in good health, good spirits, and good fun.

Yesterday’s post was quite a read, I know, so I am going to go easy on you today and talk about one thing: wrap rage. You’ve heard of road rage, right? Well…..

Now that you’ve done your shopping, there’s a closet full of stuff you’ve been hiding from the kids, just waiting for that opportune moment when you can pull out the wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbons and bows, and tags. I don’t know about you but I don’t enjoy wrapping gifts as much as I used to.

There was a time when I relished the quiet of turning on White Christmas and watching it as I lovingly wrapped presents for my friends and family. I think I’m pretty good at wrapping (not that it’s hard), having spent a season in the gift-wrapping department at Belks the year Brandon was 1 for some extra income. I became rather adept at flipping those boxes around and faster than the speed of light having them all wrapped up perfectly with the help of some double-sided tape.

These days you can see the tape. After all, I’m not getting paid for it and the kids wouldn’t care if I’d wrapped their gifts in a plain brown paper bag or the funnies from the Sunday paper. I still like wrapping them nicely, but it’s the little things…like, where do I want to do this so I don’t get frustrated? On the big bed while I watch a Christmas movie? Then I’ll be hunched over and there’s no room to move so everything will be messy and on top of each other. How about the kitchen or dining room tables. Scissor scratch marks on my wood? No thanks. Standing at the kitchen counter? Not much of a workspace but at least I can move around.

For some, wrapping is a chore, and not an easy one at that. This usually falls to men. Sorry, guys, but it’s true. One year early in our marriage my husband actually had me wrap my own gifts. Yeah, that was super fun! (Hear the sarcasm dripping?) I didn’t peek, honest to God, because I love the excitement of being surprised, but it did kind of take away from the “unknown”. A horribly wrapped present is better than none, and really, we don’t care as long as our men remembered to get us something at all and even put a little effort into wrapping it themselves. (Yes, honey, I have forgiven you, don’t fret.)

And I’ll never understand people who want to carefully open their gifts right at the tape. Don’t save the paper, are you kidding me?! Sure it’s pretty, but wrapping isn’t that hard (Oh, she wrapped it so nicely!) and what will you do with it anyway? Frame it?? I want people to rip the paper like they’re having a fit of giggles and can’t control themselves. It’s kind of like burping after a meal- it shows appreciation. (No, please don’t belch at my table. It’s just an example.)

Okay but wrap rage usually stems from other things. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Bad, cheap wrapping paper. The kind that tears in all directions when you’re trying to cut a section neatly. Your scissors should just slide through, without catching or nicking or tearing. If you’ve got bad, cheap scissors on top of it, then there’s not much hope of a smooth wrapping experience. In cases like this you may have been known to ball up the entire load of paper and chuck it across the room in frustration.

Or how about that stupid tape dispenser? Anything worse than trying to keep a nose or a toe on the paper while trying to wrangle a piece of tape from those plastic dispensers? It takes two hands just to pull off a piece of tape! Or say you have a stationary dispenser but it’s not very heavy so when you go to pull off a piece of tape, instead of it breaking off like it’s supposed to, the whole dispenser comes up? So annoying. Or how about that cheap tape? The dispenser stays put but the tape doesn’t rip off (not without you puncturing your finger all along the dispenser’s teeth), instead it just keeps stretching out until you’ve got a piece big enough to wrap around your living room.

A little bit of FYI: The Pennsylvania Medical Society conducted a poll that said 17% of people reported that they or someone they knew had been injured while trying to open a factory-sealed package because they’d gotten frustrated and tried to use a screwdriver or a knife. So if you don’t own a pair of heavy, blunt-edged scissors, buy some now. I personally have several because I use scissors a lot in the kitchen for everyday food prep. I hate sawing through meat and packages and whatever. Get a good solid pair of kitchen scissors and cut that chicken apart. I have 3 pairs in my kitchen, and I use them so much that they are definitely due for replacement.

So that’s it. Don’t engage in wrap rage! (LOL- that’s funny to me. I rhymed.) Be prepared with high quality supplies. There are many things that I get from the dollar store which are good quality, but when it comes to other things, don’t skimp. You will be happier if you spring a couple extra dollars on a heavier, better quality wrapping paper, and you will see the difference in quality. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember the real reason for the season.

Happy wrapping!


“You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.”

~ Psalms 128:2  NIV


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