This is why I’m hot.

I’ve got a great group of girlfriends! Throughout the year whenever a birthday comes around we use it as an excuse to get together for a Girl’s Night. Sometimes these are the only nights out I get, and so I love it when a birthday comes around. In this case it was Nicole’s birthday, and as we toasted with a glass of champagne, she simply stated her love and appreciation for each of us. Then as she gestured to all of us, she said, “This is why I’m hot.” And so it became our tagline.      

Me, Tia, Elke, Jennifer, Gia, MaryEllon, Candy, and Nicole

My girlfriends are beautiful, both inside and out, and as a group they can be intimidating (in soooo many ways!). We are all busy moms with jobs and homes to take care of, and so often times we don’t see each other for weeks at a time. There are some who will get on the phone or meet for coffee, there are others who don’t. It doesn’t matter because when we do finally all get together it’s always a fabulous time. Nothing is ever lost during those busy weeks of separation. No one ever gets self-conscious and wonders if maybe someone is ignoring them or mad at them. They are truly wonderful, adult female relationships that every woman needs.

Jennifer and Elke


Tia and Candy

We had dinner at an amazing place that a friend owns called the Inn at Pamlico It’s one of our favorite places to have a birthday party.  The food is always spectacular and the ambiance is even better. Living in a small community means that everybody knows the other person, and if you don’t personally know someone, chances are your friend, or a friend of a friend does. With the exception of the tourists, you are never around strangers.

The Birthday Girl


Me and Gia

May every birthday surround you with beautiful friends, and every year be better than the last. Happy Birthday, Nicole!

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