Ninjas, Vampires, and Jesters…oh my

Yes, you are supposed to be saying that in the sing-song tradition of The Wizard of Oz 🙂

This week has been SUPER busy and it’s only Tuesday morning!  I am already off my regular schedule because in true ME style I put too much on my plate and then realized my responsibilities were all piling up. Yesterday was a day of frenzy in trying to play catch up, and I’m still not entirely done. I have not completed my menu for the week, let alone the month, and had no time to do so yesterday at all. Laundry is still in the half is clean- half is dirty- and no where close to being folded and put away stage. Items needed for ironing that have been hanging there for about 2 weeks….sigh.

So in lieu of a REAL post (sorry) I am posting what few pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes before they ventured out for an evening of trick or treating. I did dress up this year for a Halloween party I attended on Saturday night, but sadly there are no pictures of me in my Little Red Riding Hood outfit. I’m not photogenic AT ALL so pictures of me will be scarce anyway.

Number Two the Ninja


So apparently several girls (and even some boys) at school have taken to calling him Edward Cullen. I suspect it’s because of his spiky hair- because he really doesn’t look like that guy in the movie at all- so One decided he might as well dress up as a vampire for Halloween.

               I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow: it’s time to make Giardiniera!


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