Here a recipe, there a recipe, everywhere a recipe!

I have been collecting magazines for years. I love finding new recipes, cooking tips, organizing ideas for both the kitchen and the rest of the home, gardening, exercising, and decorating tips. I also never throw a magazine away because there’s always so much great stuff inside that I just can’t do it. You know, well I might use that idea some day! So here’s a picture of about 4 years worth of 4 different magazines.

That empty spot is where a stack of Every Day with Rachel Ray mags were until recently. I’ve just started on the second stack as you can see, which was all the way to the top.

What am I doing, you ask? A new form of self-torture. I call it the “Recipe Project” and I’m going through every magazine and pulling up every recipe or article about anything that interests me or I think I can use. Good idea= BIG project. That’s okay. I want to de-clutter and at the same time I’ll be able to actually find more recipes once I’ve got it all organized.

How shall I organize it all, you ask? I’m not entirely sure but in my mind’s eye I see 3 ring binders and lots of paper protectors. I use those for everything and have many on my shelves in my office, each with a label indicating what is contained in said binder.

     Some of the things I’ve used binders for:

     PTA and Cub Scout Treasurer bank statements, receipts, spending reports

     I home-schooled my oldest during his Jr. High years and used binders to keep track of his progress reports, test scores, grades, lesson plans and assignments.

     All of our discs are listed in alphabetical order. We have a lot of DVD’s and they are all stored in disc books- not their original cases. This saves a lot of space when storing DVD’s, CD’s, CD-ROMS and the like.

This second picture is a small peek at my process and the mess I am making all over my coffee table. I am lucky my husband doesn’t mind the clutter! The stack of articles and recipes being pulled from magazines is getting higher. Once all the magazines have been gone through and discarded I will then sort through the articles and recipes, organizing them into categories and what not. The only cooking magazines I don’t take apart are the Kraft Food & Family mags. These are great magazines that come out 4 times a year and they are not real thick and heavy, nor do they have any of those filler pages that other magazines have. While I don’t use every recipe in each issue, every page is dedicated to food & cooking. These are super easy to refer to for a recipe.

Here are a few that I’ve pulled out while planning the next few weeks of dinners. If you look on the upper left corner of each magazine you might be able to see the numbers I’ve written on them. This is just for the order in which I receive them. Inside the front is a sort of table of contents, complete with little picture and page number. I circle the recipes I like or want to try. When I am planning my menus I simply write the name of the recipe and the mag#/page# so it’s super easy to pull off the shelf and find when I’m ready to cook. This also makes putting my grocery list together a breeze.

So binders it shall be, unless I get a better idea or suggestion in the meantime. I have made one before, but it is not as organized as I envision these new ones to be. I will also have separate binders for the articles, categorized into websites, couponing, diet, nutrition, exercise, gardening, and decorating tips. And whatever else tickles my fancy.

I will be sure to show the fruits of my labor upon completion. I love getting organized!


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