Griffy Jr. (aka Pooper Dooper)

Griffy Jr. is our Brussels Griffon. He’ll be 3 years old on Dec. 20th. For those of you who are not familiar with this breed, it is best described as 1 part Pug and 3 parts Terrier. Or an Ewok.

The centerpiece came from a wedding we recently attended.  The boys and I came home Monday night after Brandon’s soccer game to find a dirty mess on my couch from where Griffy had consumed a flower from the centerpiece. I have occasionally found my little dog standing on my dinning room table. This really bothers me because I am anal about everything having a place, and on top of my dinning room table is no place for a dog.  So it was obvious that he had gotten onto the table, picked a flower from the arrangement, and then settled himself onto my couch for an enjoyable evening of flower chewing. The mess was one thing, the squeaky stomach noises were something else. I woke up in the middle of the night to find the messiest, stinkiest, most  nausea-causing  poop I’d ever had to encounter since my kids’ own diaper days. I cleaned it up best I could by covering and soaking it with 409 carpet cleaner and scrubbing it with my special handy-dandy carpet brush then went back to bed. The next morning I woke to find 3 new barf spots. Oh the joys of pet ownership.

The most disturbing part of this episode?  I only realized yesterday that one of the starfish is missing…..


2 thoughts on “Griffy Jr. (aka Pooper Dooper)

  1. OH NO! Yuck. I hate that! Hey, don’t forget, rinsing the spot with vinegar, sopping it up and letting it dry, THEN doing a dusting of baking soda and letting it set a bit before vacuuming will take care of disgusting lingering odors. Happy cleaning!

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